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Final package design placed on the 3D mockup supporting visual 

3d model.jpg

This is a packaging design of a juice carton. From the 3D mockup to the vector graphics, and the images were created and retouched using Adobe Photoshop. 

I decided to go for “mixed fruits” as the flavor of this product, because I thought it would be fun to experiment with arranging different fruits throughout the package in order to have a nice, colorful, and fresh looking design on the packaging, which I feel it perfectly tells the story of a high quality juice content. At the same time, having the flavor in mind made me realize that I needed to have good fruits combination in terms of flavors and colors.

I feel that any person who wants something fresh and natural would easily go for this product without even having the need to read if the product has the “fresh and natural” label, because the colors and pictures on the design reflect that. 


This is the draft 3D mockup 


First, I brainstormed which fruits go well together, placed them in the center.

Added the wordmark, the graphic on the sides, and some brushes were used  for the main outline and the juice graphic effect behind the fruits.


This is the final design, with the flavor added, and some highlights added on the wordwark.

Also, some pictures were added to fully complete the design.

GDFinal Project.jpg
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