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This is a home tour logo company called Palm Springs. A can be seen, this logo design has a style of mid century art /atomic design (around 1950), accomplished by color pallet, and shapes, and font.

There is a real house image traced to show the concept of a home tour logo, and it was complemented with some vector elements to show the art deco  style design.

This logo was directly, and fully made in Adobe Illustrator, because the image just had some basic retouching, and tracing options.

In this logo project I mainly experimented with image tracing, clipping mask effect, and the pathfinder tool. It was challenging but definitely worth it.




I created a logo for DeborahSpotlight, which is a community organization focus on the issues of equitable Justice daily living for everyone. They address community issues of Housing , Crime & Safety, Financial Wellness, Social Justice & Protections for Our Elders.

The log style was simple, and professional keeping the original idea.

 Original Logo

I started tracing 4 start shapes, then added some analogous colors together simulating the sun. The intention was to keep the logo concept  upgrading the graphic shapes by using starts as sun rays


Added the wordmark in the center using a Sans Serif font to keep the professional look, and later tried adding the tagline.


This is the final Logo design! The red color came back for a better contrast, and the wordmark in the center with no tagline needed.

DSLlogorojo_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

I designed a logo for a company called "Stand in Truth", which is a non-profit organization that markets, promotes, manages and supports events that highlight the works of our current day women, men, leaders, teachers, activists, artists, doers and thinkers. The style of the the logo needed to be professional, simplistic, and representative of what the company is about.

It was designed in Adobe illustrator using the pencil, and pen tool. I tried to keep the logo style with the font choice, colors, and shapes.


In this first design of this logo, I went for a hand graphic in a holding position for the word mark, intended to translate the support the company provides.

For the second design, I came up with a dark color woman head, changing completely the look of the logo. The website served me as an inspiration, since all the graphics it has are women.


For the third logo, I went back to the first concept idea implemented in the first logo, which it was supporting,  but I added the two genders figures to symbolize that this company works with either women or men.

STlogo_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

This is the final logo design, with the word mark color in blue to better the contrast and the woman's head 

retouched to give it a more natural look. This logo represents well the concept of standing in truth by having two people holding up high supporting the sign of "Stand in Truth"

In this logo design for an imaginary flower shop; I went for an elegant, colorful,  and symmetrical look. 

I started from drawing on a paper some logos designs, having each with a different font, shapes, graphics, and style.

As you can see in the final digital logo made with Adobe Illustrator ; I used a combination of the things I liked from some of the logos in my sketch, and created a clean design. Gradient colors were used for the flower to give a more realistic look, and the small leaves were used to warp up the wordmark and shape it to create a well put together final design.


logoBe editado.png

This logo was also created for an imaginary tropical resort. Its style is artistic, relaxing,and playful. It was pretty much the same process I used for the previous one using Adobe Illustrator. I started from drawing on a paper some logos designs, having each with a different font, shapes, graphics, and style,  and afterwards  I came up with a little bit of everything from my sketch. 

Gradient were used for the sun to simulate the sun rays.

The lines on the waves were made with the pencil tool to give  freedom of its texture.


logoPara editado.png
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