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As you can see there are a lot of going on in this illustration made with Adobe Illustrator. There are mostly vector graphics, but there are also a couple of pictures which complete the overall design. Position of objects give a perspective illusion, and gradient colors provides cohesiveness through the illustration.

I started with brainstorming old fashioned furniture, and objects that I could use to get a real clean looking antique store.

Designed the big furniture and the clock outlines, and then added colors to them. 

Moved on with the small detailed objects to add more elements and fill up the empty spaces.

Added paintings on the wall as a last touch for the setting.

Lastly, a plain background was added.


This is a character illustration design made in Adobe Illustrator.

I decided to create  a fashionable lady because I could picture the elements I wanted to incorporate around her.

There is a background that can be barely seen because the lady is intended to be the main focused.

I started with her outline, and then colored her.

Next, I added some details on her, and  designed the objects to add a more realistic look to her environment.

I can easily imagine this character to be part of a column in a fashion magazine. I learned that this single character might add a lot of flavor to a piece of text.



This colorful design illustrates the beautiful and sweet song titled "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole. It was made using Adobe Illustrator.

Brainstorming my design I knew that the rainbow was the main element, so graphics located up in the sky were going the complementary objects

I started tracing and positioning the clouds and the sun. 

Next, considering I wanted the rainbow to pop up, I used an artistic brush to give it a different style.

Birds and a little girl were added to complement the overall design.

The outlines of the cloud keep the them consistent and their shadows give a depth effect.

Gradient colors of the sky and the sun unify the whole illustration




This is a food illustration with all sort of sweet distributed on a big table made with Adobe Illustrator. I figured the table would facilitate me to visualize  the position of my elements.

I started brainstorming different types of sweets, and how they can be combined.

First,  I designed the small elements as the cupcakes, the candy canes, and the lolly pops.

Next, I went for the doughnuts, the pieces of cakes, and the mini chocolates.

The vase and the cake holder help to keep the whole presentation organized, and provide different levels for a design with more variety.

The gradient color of the table gives it a more realistic wooden look, besides unifying the design with other gradient colored elements such as the background and the vases.

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