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This is a nature theme design, I started drawing directly with the pencil tool, which gives me a lot of freedom when designing in Adobe Illustrator, and simply by playing with some brushes, I came up with interesting textures which trace main features of these animals and plants in peculiar ways.

One thing I definitely took out of this project was the ability to design and trace freely without thinking that everything needs to be symmetrical, and good looking designs were accomplished as can be seen.

Artboard 1.png
Artboard 3.png
shapes in nature-05.jpg
Artboard 2.png
shapes in nature-04 editado.jpg

These are some ways in which these vector graphic designs could be used. As can be seen, a simple graphic could be display in different ways, and colors change completely the overall looking of the design. These digital graphic designs look awesome printed on pillows, tote bags, and even on a coffee cup.

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