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Artboard 3.png

I drew a seahorse on a piece of paper, added texture, and some colors.

It was time to make it digitized, so I went to Adobe Illustrator and started tracing it , with the idea of  giving my seahorse a soft and tender look I picked a watercolor brush.

After, I added some colors as gray, pink, blue, green, and played around with the position of each color of seahorses.



This is a business card I designed for myself.  The intention behind the design is to reflect the elegant, creative, and vibrant look of my style as a designer. The programs used were Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I started with the idea of using a graphic I quite like, and expand it from there with other graphics and elements. I found out with this project that experimenting with colors, graphics, and alignment can result in a beautiful and well put together design.

color palettes-04.png
color palettes-02.png
color palettes-01.png

Once the seahorses design were selected after considering which ones look well together; I created a pattern, and used it as a a background.

color palettes-05.png

It was time create the outline, so I decided I wanted to have my text , and every other element located in the center of a rhombus shape to change the typical regular looking style of most business cards.


The white leaves were arranged and put in the rhombus gray outline in Photoshop, because a picture was used for the gray outline, and to manipulate pictures and graphic Photoshop is more practical than other design programs.

To culminate the business card, main personal information were added in the center with neutral colors, seahorses graphics, and two different fonts.

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