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This 2D animation designed for kids called “Let’s count my animals” teaches how to count from one to ten along with a variety of animals. By designing each graphic number along with the quantity of animals per each number value, I was trying to achieve a dynamic and illustrative visual tool that can make the learning process a more efficient one.



  • Having each number in a different section/slide, so each number can be learned individually without much distractions.

  • Complementing the numbers with graphics to add up more not just to the animation design, but also to serve as a helpful tool to relate these graphics to the numbers.

  • Different animals were chosen as a complementary graphics, so kids can learn ten different animals along with the numbers.

Design/Work Process

The design style is quite cartoonish, fun, and childish looking.

  •  Started sketching out each number’s slide in a separate piece of paper.

  •  Designed all my graphics in Adobe Illustrator, because I have a lot of experience with creating vector graphics with this software.

  • Imported each Adobe file into After Effects, and started animating each graphic separately.

  • After having each animation for each number, I exported each animation file into Adobe Premier.

  • After exporting each animation file into Adobe Premier, I added the background sound and the voice over to match up all together as the final animation file.

  • When everything looked well put together, I exported as a H.264 format.

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